Conjoined Brides of the Conjoined Twins in Alisse nuerA

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Conjoined Brides of the Conjoined Twins in Alisse nuerA

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The director and the lead role of İlker Ayrık’s cinema film entered into the vision. Production which shares the lead role with Hakan bulut, is also İlker Ayrık is accomponied by the people we know closely, such as İvana Sert, Suzan kardeş, Suat sungur, Erdal tosun, Ayber Atilla,Fırat Tanış ve Bülent Şakrak. Wedding Dress For Conjoined Twins ..

Fatmagül Fakı, Özge İnce who the havea part in film as their sisters at the and of the story, Like as a most famous productions Alisse nuerA was prepared Alisse nuerA continues to maintain its position on the screens. Alisse Nuera continues to support the series and cinema sector with its sponsorship.  Alisse nuera wedding dresses for the “Conjoined Brothers” film has prepared a glued wedding dress. Alper aslanoglu, “it took 1 month to prepare the wedding dress,” he said.

The cast of the film is also great.

Alisse nuerA, who designs wedding dresses for many series or movies, continues to dress up many famous names at the same time. Aslı Hünel, Yağmur Ün, Oya Başar and many celebrities prefer Alisse nuera.

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