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Alisse nuerA, who has inspired thousands of brides with her collections every year and has accompanied them to unique weddings, dazzles with her custom-designed wedding dresses. The collections, where bohemian styles befitting summer meet charming fluffy models in winter, are prepared each year with a professional team and quality fabrics. Alisse nuera’s vintage, bohemian, retro, modern, feminine or masculine style wedding dresses models to examine more closely and to see the designs from every angle can request a catalogue of wedding dresses from this page. Whether you are buying a wedding dress wholesale or a bride who wants to have the wedding dress of her dreams! At Alisse nuerA stores, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of the designs presented to you and you will reach the designs you dream of. By filling out our wedding dress catalogue form, you will reach the Alisse nuerA catalogues, which include all of our 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 collections and which you can review with photographs from every angle.