Serdar Ortaç & Chloe in Alisse nuerA

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Serdar Ortaç & Chloe in Alisse nuerA

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Serdar Ortac (Turkish singer) and Irish model Chloe Lougnan who are together from long time with an amazing wedding. Serdar Ortaç & Chloe in Alisse nuerA
When her father came with her to wedding saloon, everybody was suprised with her wedding dress which was prepared within two months.
Our Founders Ali-Ahu Aslanoglu also was there with so many famous people in wedding saloon of Kurucesme…

Chloe’s wedding dress is about two months old. Ali & Ahu Aslanoğlu did not leave Serdar and Chloe Ortaç at the wedding. Many celebrities attended the wedding ceremony held in Kurucesme in Istanbul. Chloe Ortaç was a pioneer in the fashion of apolitical wedding dresses.



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