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The most entertaining part of your wedding shopping process will be to identify a concept for your wedding that you have been waiting excitedly. There are lots of wedding concepts ranging from flowery decorations to antique chairs and paintings, from decorations with the most minimalist designs to spectacular weddings with glamorous chandeliers. If you have not decided yet which of these wedding concepts to choose, please continue reading our article.

Before looking at wedding concept ideas, do not forget that this concept should reflect the style of both yourself and your partner. What kind of visuality do you want at your wedding ceremony? What should be the most suitable concept for your wedding story? These questions will narrow down your range of options and enable to form ideas.


Botanik ve tropik düğün konseptleri


Botanical and tropical wedding concepts

If you are a couple who like flowers, greenery and exotic fruits, tropical wedding decors among the interesting wedding concepts exactly appeal to you. Quite entertaining and distinct as well, this concept opens its doors to a wedding, where different plant covers accompany you rather than classical ones, where you can present different tastes to your guests, which is decorated with a botanical theme and which consists of plenty of greenery.


Bohem düğün konsepti popülaritesini koruyor.


Bohemian wedding concept maintains its popularity.

Bohemian wedding concept maintains its popularity. The bohemian style, which you often come across in fashion magazines or social media images, displayed itself also at weddings. If you think you have colourful personalities and if you want to combine your lives with a shabby wedding, the bohemian wedding concept can appeal to you much. A decor with colourful and mixed patterned rugs, dazzling with lace details, where flowery chairs jazz up the ambience, is among the musts for this concept. Combining simplicity and complexity from decorative pillows to objects hanging in the air, this concept is ideal for beach weddings.


Countryside and garden wedding concepts

If you want to create a more sincere and fresh ambience, you may prefer the countryside and garden weddings among open-air weddings. The wedding that you will arrange together with the magnificent air of summer and spring at a venue full of flower bouquets will be an unforgettable memory not only for you but also for your guests. Though the most preferred wedding concept in recent years, many organization companies and wedding venues have increased their special services for couples who want a countryside wedding.


Rustik düğün konsepti, doğallığı arzulayan çiftlerin tercihi
Rustik düğün konsepti, doğallığı arzulayan çiftlerin tercihi


Rustic wedding concept, the choice of couples who desire naturalness

Reflecting the fascinating effects of brown and orange tones, rustic weddings have become an indispensable concept for couples who favor naturalness. Rustic wedding concepts, where you can see all unrefined versions of everything from wooden chairs to woven carpets, are usually among open-air weddings.


Minimalist düğün konseptleri


Minimalist wedding concepts

If you are a couple who like plain and clean appearance, you will fall in love with minimalist concept weddings. This type of wedding concept with a single color emphasis, in which every detail seems very small and plain and which provides refreshment inside you, leaves all other themes behind in 2019. Wedding venues, where similar color accents and geometric details meet, fascinate their guests with their simple decors.


Vintage düğün konsepti birçok çiftin tercihleri arasında


Vintage wedding concept

Vintage wedding concept among preferences of many couples
Among the preferences of many couples and which is an indispensable theme of wedding seasons, the vintage is the choice of couples, who like classics and the decors taking inspiration from the past years. Shaping the world of fashion, the vintage appearances are not only reflecting for different wedding concepts, but also for the wedding dresses models, which are the stars of the wedding! You can visit our web page to see Alisse nuerA vintage wedding dress models. At the same time, antique-looking paintings, wooden objects, and antique chairs are part of this wonderful wedding…



Glamorous wedding hall concepts

Despite all these concepts, if you still can’t find the concept you want, you might want to arrange your wedding like a fairy tale. Splendid weddings constitute the most preferred wedding concept from the past to the present. Red carpets, large candlesticks, flashy chandeliers and more than this… In this wedding concept, where crystal decorations accompany your wedding dress, attractiveness and charm will come together.

If you are dreaming of a fine wedding and looking for the best way to reflect the wedding of your dreams, you should first look at the issue of wedding concept, which is most entertaining part of the job. From plain ones to elegant ones, we have presented our list of wedding concepts to your tastes. It is up to your choice about the issue to select which side!


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