Kenan Sofuoğlu & Julia Looman in Alisse nuerA

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Kenan Sofuoğlu & Julia Looman in Alisse nuerA

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Kenan Sofuoğlu & Julia Looman İn Alisse nuerA

National motorcylist Kenan Sofuoğlu with Julia Looman was engaged to a simple ceremony held between the family.

Kenan Sofuoğlu, the national motorcylist who is preparing to fight in the world Supersport Championship with Kawasaki Deltafin Lorenzini team this season will be at the wedding table with Dutch Julia Looman for the coming days.

Julia’s wedding dress was preference Alisse nuerA. Kenan Sofuoglu, who was the World Championship three times, gave her a wedding dinner in Barcelona. Kenan Sofuoğlu & Julia Looman’s happiness was apparent. this wedding dress, which is a princess model, is one of the glamorous wedding dresses of Alisse nuera. In recent months, Aslı Hünel married the wedding dress preference was Alisse nuerA. Serdar Ortaç and Chloe Ortaç, who also married in 2014, chose us. Chloe chose a model of fish in the Middle Ages.
if you are looking for a wedding dress for your wedding day, you should look at the wedding dresses of Alisse nuera.

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