How to Choose Wedding Dress by Zodiac Signs?

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While deciding at which wedding dress will suit best for which sign, how does the movement of the planets, which is directly affecting our character, our behaviours, our seasonal mood, touch our choice of a wedding dress? Choosing wedding gowns according to the zodiac signs is significant for some people. My advice for you is, after reading your sun sign wedding dress, to take a look at your rising sign wedding dress and at your moon sign wedding dress. Because it amazingly comes true for me, an advice

How to choose the wedding dress by the zodiac signs?

Cancer zodiac sign bridal gown

Cancer woman likes comfort and simplicity. The vintage wedding gowns, whose skirts look like flying, are very suitable for their styles. When their sensitive and romantic spirits combine with the elegance of lace and tulle, they become “the most beautiful bride” of their dreams.


Gemini zodiac sign bridal gown

Gemini wedding dress as usual, Gemini woman suffers difficulty while choosing a wedding dress. She likes generally flower models which are far from exaggeration, elegant, lacy and three-dimensional. But depending on her mood, she may suddenly head for a stony wedding dress. No matter whatever wedding dress she chose, she always has “I wonder!..” in her mind while going out of the store.


Taurus wedding dress

Earth group’s naive and beautiful woman is fond of her appearance. Therefore, while they prefer usually to wear sports clothes in daily life, they like to bring their beauty to the forefront of wedding dress choices. According to them, the most beautiful bridal gowns are the bridal gowns with back or chest decolette. Thus, she does not compromise from her effeminate appearance. During the choice of wedding dress according to the zodiac signs, the fact that Taurus wants to look beautiful indicates that her wedding dress will be searched for widely.


Aries wedding dress

Fire Group’s woman who loves to be attractive and favourite, Aries wants assertion and comfort all together during the choice of wedding dress. Because her attractiveness not only stems from her appearance but also from her movements and her showing herself by flowing. Therefore, she dreams of wearing the most beautiful wedding dress on her wedding day and dancing freely together with it. While entering the hall, she can start the night with a very fluffy princess wedding gown and put the last point at the wedding with a half-fish wedding dress that won’t restrict her movements in the advancing hours.


Sagittarius wedding dress

Sagittarius wedding dress, here is another zodiac sign that loves the ostentation. Long veils, long trains attract the Sagittarius woman’s attention, but this does not last until the end of the wedding. Alternatively, a short wedding dress can be sewed or a wedding dress with a removable skirt can turn into a white dress in advancing hours of the night. In this way, both she satisfies her desire for a magnificent wedding dress and she can reflect her free spirit. For the choice of wedding dress according to zodiac signs, the characteristics of the Sagittarius come to the forefront.


Scorpio wedding dress

As in all matters, she is quite planned for the wedding dress, too. In this way, she can get a wedding dress sewed in harmony with the decoration of the wedding venue. Howsoever every detail for the Scorpio woman is clear in advance. Princess model wedding gowns are ideal for them. She does not agree with the idea that “the bride should look soft and innocent” and likes to be seductive always. For this reason, she does not forget to get a deep chest or back decolletes added to her wedding dress design.


Libra wedding dress

Romantic Libra woman waits for her wedding day for years. Therefore, it will not be difficult for her to decide on the wedding dress. She dreams of fluffy and lacy wedding gowns. Shoulder straps, zilbirs hanging from the arms and a little sparkle… When she wears her large crown with flashy gems that she will put on a long veil, Libra woman is ready for the wedding.


Virgo wedding dress

Virgo woman, who likes to look plain and cool, will use her preference for a special design wedding dress. She will control personally the nature and the quality of the fabric to be used in the wedding dress because this is the most essential feature that she requires. Being a noble, cool, swanlike bride is exactly the style of the Virgo woman.


Leo wedding dress

The most important criterion in choosing a wedding dress for Leo woman, who is dreaming of being the princess of a prom, is to be assertive. They can obtain this not only with the fluffy, stony wedding dresses but also with a plain but distinct wedding dress design. The important thing is that as soon as she enters the wedding venue, everyone should look at her. For the choice of wedding dress according to zodiac signs, Leo’s character of leadership shows that she cares only about her idea for a wedding dress.


Aquarius wedding dress

Aquarius woman is among the zodiac signs who prefers Haute couture wedding dresses at most. The basic principle for her is to be different. She likes traditional lines in a wedding dress. Sometimes she may want to be a Greek goddess a French ladyship. As the fluffy models with corsage may draw her interest, if she will arrange a countryside wedding, she can also prefer a vintage wedding dress with flying skirts.


Capricorn wedding dress

Trend of last period, Indian dresses are cut out for Capricorn women. Capricorn wedding dress, of course, should certainly be plentifully decorated with handcraft over itself. Because the Capricorn woman likes to feel herself like a queen and therefore she wants to catch hold of a noble elegance as far as possible. It is up to the ability of haute couture companies to modernize and implement it.


Pisces wedding dress

Pisces woman is emotional, romantic and dreamer. She likes flowers and ribbons in pastel tones that she can use in her wedding dress. The three-dimensional lace sprinkled on an elegant fish model wedding dress will complement her style. The crown and hand bouquets made of natural flowers that you will use together with the Pisces wedding dress are exactly for the Pisces woman. While choosing wedding dress according to the zodiac signs, the most important element of Pisces is naturalness.


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