How to Choose a Wedding Dress by Body Type?

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How to Choose a Wedding Dress by Body Type?

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The person required to look magnificent during the wedding ceremony, which is the wonderful celebration night of marriage, the milestone of your life, must be you, that is, Mrs.Bride. The first thing you need to do is to learn your body type and to identify your wedding dress models that fit this body type and reveal your options. In this way, both you will not get drowned among the wedding dress models that won’t suit you at all, and you will save time. So what’s your body type? Let’s learn together. There are five body types: apple, pear, hourglass, triangle, square. Let’s examine together what are the features of these body shapes if the prospective brides having these body types choose which wedding dresses, they will look more flawless. Here are all the details about choosing wedding dresses according to body type

 How should be the choice of wedding dress by body type?

straplez gelinlik modelleri Alisse nuerA'da
straplez gelinlik modelleri Alisse nuerA’da

Choice of wedding dress according to hourglass body type

While choosing wedding dress according to body type, you should first analyse your body correctly. If you have an hourglass body, that is, if your chest and hips are proportional, and if your waist is slim, you’re so lucky. Because whatever you wear, it will suit you! Either pencil wedding dress, or princess, or A cut. But the wedding dress model that will set off your proportional lines most beautifully is certainly the fish wedding dress. You can get this model, which is encircling your waist and hips, overlaid with lace or you can decorate it with pearls, it’s entirely up to the bride-to-be’s dreams. While choosing according to hourglass body type, even though you do not have waist cove, we recommend you to try fish model wedding dress during shopping; because this wedding may highlight your waist and give the illusion of hourglass figure. You can bring your neck to the forefront with deep V-necked models, you can look stunning with back decollete; in addition, you should refrain from regular cut wedding dress models, this may cause your hips to look disproportional.


Armut vücut tipine göre gelinlik seçimi

Geniş kalçalara ve dar omuzlara sahipsen senin vücudun “armut vücut tipi”. Omuzlarını ve kalçanı dengelemek için gelinliğin üst kısmında apolet veya zilbir gibi hoş ve gösterişli aksesuarlar kullanabilirsin. İnce belini vurgulamak ve kalçayı biraz geri planda tutmak için belden sonra bollaşan A kesim gelinlikler veya prenses gelinlikler tercihin olabilir. A kesim gelinlik ile ince belini vurgulayıp kalçanı gizleyebilir, böylece kusursuz görünebilirsin. Balık gelinlik modelleri ise kalçanızı daha büyük göstereceği için armut vücut tipine sahip hanımlara pek önerilmez; fakat “ben hep balık gelinlik giymenin hayalini kurmuştum, giyemeyecek miyim?” diye üzüleceksen doğru korse seçimi ile balık model de tercih edebileceğinin müjdesini verelim. Unutmamalısınız ki, katmanlar, katlar ve tüller kalçanızın geniş görüntüsünü daha da büyütebilir; bu yüzden önermiyoruz. Ayrıca, omuzlarınızı daha geniş gösterecek ve kalça omuz ölçüsünü dengeleyecek kayık yaka gelinlik modelleri ile daha orantılı bir görünüme sahip olabilirsiniz.


Choice of wedding dress by pear body type

If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, your body is “pear body type”. To balance your shoulders and hips, you may use nice and flamboyant accessories such as shoulder strap or zilbir at the upper section of wedding dress. To highlight your slim waist and keep the hip in the background, your preference may be the A cut wedding dresses, which are widening after waist, or princess wedding dresses. You may highlight your slim waist and hide your hip with A cut wedding dress thus you may look flawless. Since fish wedding dress models will show your hip bigger they are not recommended for the ladies having pear body type; but if you will be sad with the belief that “I have always dreamed of wearing a fish wedding dress, am I not going to be able to wear it?” Let us give you good news, you can prefer also the fish model with correct girdle selection. You must not forget that layers, plies, and tulles may enlarge your hip’s wide appearance, we do not recommend it for that reason. Besides, you can have a more proportional appearance with boat neck wedding dress models that will show your shoulders wider and equalize the ratio of hip/shoulder.


Choice of wedding dress by apple body type

Women, whose upper section of body are wide, are included in the category of “apple body type”. Namely, you have a thick waist, wide shoulders and plump breasts and slim legs. Then, we remind you that if you make correct preferences, you might be a very assertive bride with those slim legs and with your breasts. Wedding dresses with cleavage and a mini wedding dress seeming inside from A cut wedding dress will suit you much. Your preference for a deep V-necked will make your neck look longer. You should choose skirts starting slightly above your waist. This will help you to acquire a long and slim appearance. Stay away from models with multiple skirts. This will highlight your waist, which is the widest part of your body, and will create a visual disproportion.

Choice of wedding dress by triangle body type

: If the upper part of your body is wider (a wide back), if you have small hips and a thin waist, the right category for your body type is “triangle body type”. Princess cut wedding dress models will be the right choice for you. Besides, you should not get away from low-cut models. Since the models with frills and plies on their collars will make your upper area look wider, it is beneficial for you to stay away from these type models. You may give place to frills and plies on the skirt of your wedding dress model according to triangle body type. This will create a proportional look by enlarging your hip a little bit, and by equalizing your upper area and hips.

Prenses Gelinlik
Prenses Gelinlik

Choice of wedding dress by square/flat body type

: If your body is coming from top to bottom completely flat, that is, if the waist cove is not enough, this means that you are a woman having athletic/straight body. Namely, your shoulders, your waist and your hips should have the same size; however, if your waist is smaller at least 25% than your hips, then you will have an hourglass body type. Our suggestion for you is that the more you bring your shoulders and breasts to the forefront, the more your waist become thinner as compared with it. And so you can create a curvy body look. While choosing a wedding dress by the square type body, it is not difficult at all to be a bride having curvy lines with small illusions. To achieve this you can choose wedding dress models having multiplex and frilly necklines. We can say that if some gems and embroidery are added to the boat neckline wedding dress models, it will precisely be a suitable model for you. At the same time, if you make a difference and choose a wedding dress model with slits, you can draw attention to your leg area.


You can also make choices by considering other features of your body.

  • Is your height too short or too long? Look for dresses that fit your height. Mignon brides may look wonderful in A cut wedding dress models and flat cut bridal gowns; besides, one-piece bridal gowns will make height look taller. You can give place to textures in your bridal gown, but you should avoid excessive decorations. Also, you should never choose the fluffy bridal gowns starting from the calf and which will make your legs look shorter. Our suggestion for very tall bridges is exaggerated bridal gown models. Strapless neckline bridal gowns are suitable for you. If you are going to use your bridal gown with long sleeves, you should make sure that your arms are long enough to complete your body’s proportions.
  • If your breasts are too large, you can draw attention to that direction by using back decolette. You should stay away from bright and lacy fabrics as well as strapless wedding dresses. You can wear with straps, but you should wear a corset to prevent it from sliding. Although it seems difficult for women with large breasts to choose a wedding dress, if these clues are paid attention, fine results can be obtained. By touching all these points, you can choose your wedding dress according to your body type, thus you can attain your wedding dress where you can find yourself with the best appearance on your most precious day.

By touching all these points, you can choose your wedding dress according to your body type, thus you can attain your wedding dress where you can find yourself with the best appearance on your most precious day.


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