Everything You Need to Know About Types of Wedding Dress Fabric

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If you want your wedding dress to look like in your dreams, choosing the right fabric is the most important point of your wedding dress shopping. Today, tens of fabrics are used in sewing wedding dresses and the appearance of each fabric that it adds to a wedding dress is different from each other. Moreover, the fabrics not only determine the appearance but also your comfort level during the day significantly. Every kind of fabric can be used as a wedding dress fabric, from hard textured fabrics to fleecy fabrics.


If you have started looking for the wedding dress of your dreams for your upcoming wedding, you should first specify the model and choose the right fabric for that model. Not only a fabric shows a wedding dress, it also adds elegance, smartness and romantic quality. Here is what you need to know about wedding dress fabrics and that we have compiled for you and which will help you during your wedding dress process!


Gelinliğinize farklı bir hava katacak birbirinden farklı gelinlik kumaşı çeşitleri !
Everything You Need to Know About Types of Wedding Dress Fabric


 Different kinds of wedding dress fabrics that will enliven your wedding dress with different ambience!


Satin wedding dress fabrics, the key to a luxurious appearance…

One of the most used fabrics on wedding dresses, satin is among the first choices of brides, who want to look plain but elegant, with its serious and draped structure. Satin wedding dress fabric, which should not be preferred by the plus-sized prospective brides since revealing the excesses, is suitable for winter weddings. Of course, it can also be used in hot weathers; but as its texture will make you sweat during the day and it will be very difficult to use it during summer. Generally used for minimalist and lace-free wedding dresses, Satin is a fabric preferred also by Angelina Jolie in her wedding dress.


The Taffeta, the glamorous fabric of wedding gowns!

The taffeta fabric, known for its rustling during the movement, has become the key point of flamboyant wedding dress models. It is suitable for many skirt models with its serious appearance and fluffy posture. Although it has a bright nature like satin, when it is looked at, it has a mottled appearance. This feature is one of the reasons why taffeta fabric is preferred at most. Beautiful model Miranda Kerr preferred taffeta fabric in her wedding dress too.


Zarif gelinlerin  zarif gelinlik kumaşı dantel...
Elegant wedding dress fabric of elegant brides, the lace …


Elegant wedding dress fabric of elegant brides, the lace …

While talking about wedding dress, the first fabric coming to mind is lace. Inspiring brand new designs today, lace fabrics reflect the meaning of the wedding with the romantic ambience that it adds to the wedding dress. Besides being used comfortably in any part of the wedding dress, fully lacy wedding gowns are sewn too. Gaining popularity this year, three-dimensional lace models have opened a new era for wedding gowns and these laces are among the most preferred models of 2019. You can frequently see the lace not only as a wedding gown fabric but also on the wedding gown accessories! Many accessories ranging from the veil to the bridal pouch are made of lace. Having a unique elegance, this smart fabric has been the popular choice of prospective brides over the past years and it was the preference of Duchess Kate at the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, which ties down the millions on screen.


 The popular fabric of summer, the chiffons!

The most preferred fabric of summer with its flying ambience, the chiffon is precisely for those who want a bohemian style wedding dress! Although it has a transparent appearance due to its slim structure, since it is used on the wedding gowns with layers, it does not display the skin and adds a shabby air to the wedding gown. Since it is a dyeable fabric, it is also widely used in evening gowns. Burcu Esmersoy’s choice of bridal fabric was the chiffon.


Indispensable for fluffy bridal gowns, tulle fabric!

Having a delicate texture and needs to be treated very carefully, tulle fabric is known for its usage in princess wedding dresses. Having a slim and transparent structure, tulle fabrics are used to volumize the wedding dresses. The breathability of the fabric is among the main reasons for its usage in summer. It is not only used on wedding dresses, like chiffon but also accessories such as veil and gloves. While wearing your wedding dress made of tulle on your wedding day, you should take care not to wear your accessories on this delicate fabric and not to step on and tear it. Famous singer Irem Derici chose tulle as her wedding dress fabric.


Organze kumaşlar işlemeli gelinliklerin yıldızı!


Organza fabrics are the stars of embroidered wedding gowns!

Organza fabrics are the stars of embroidered wedding gowns! You will frequently see organza bridal fabrics, which are transparent like tulle and chiffon, on bridal gowns this year. Generally used with embroideries and one of the most suitable fabrics for transparent appearance, organza is a very light fabric. That feature of it puts it one step ahead for brides who do not want to carry heavy wedding dresses all day long. Seyma Subasi is among the celebrities who preferred the organza fabric in her bridal model.


Other fabrics used in wedding dresses: Silk and crepe!

Though expensive with its soft texture preferred frequently, the silk fabric is used in ecru, off-white or creamy colored wedding dresses. The fact that it looks luxurious like satin is the biggest reason why silk fabric is preferred over wedding gowns. One of the other fabrics used in wedding dresses and having a very sharp texture, crepe fabrics are generally preferred for plain weddings.


Types of seasonal bridal fabrics

Mostly used fabrics of Spring-Summer: Organza, crepe, tulle, chiffon, lace, polyester, jersey

Mostly used bridal fabrics of Fall-Winter: Silk, satin, taffeta, gabardine, brocade, lace, velvet.


Mekana göre gelinlik kumaşları nelerdir?
What are the bridal fabrics according to venues?


What are the bridal fabrics according to venues?

Fabric types vary not only in terms of season or style but also for the venue. If you will arrange a countryside wedding, our recommendation for you will be the chiffon fabric with its flying and shabby nature. In this way, both you will feel comfortable during the day and you will fully reflect the ambience that the summer gives! If you are a prospective bride to hold a wedding in a historical place, it is high time to wear a showy wedding dress! Taffeta or ziberlin fabrics will be the right choice for the glamorous wedding dress of your dreams. So you can look in harmony with your venue. There are many types of fabrics for hotel and hall weddings. Our advice for you will be in favor of satin, lace, silk or crepe. Depending on your theme, you can choose among any one of them and reflect your style. If your wedding will be arranged in a boat, you may prefer organza or tulle fabrics. These models will both fit your open-air concept and keep pace with the vintage mood of the boat! Finally, if you are planning a decent wedding and if your preference is in favour of cocktail or poolside; although satin, chiffon or lace fabric is different from each other to whatever extent, they are the bridal fabric types which are preferable according to this concept.

If you pay attention to all these features and details while choosing bridal fabric; it will be quite easier to find the rightest fabric according to your wedding venue, season and your style. Do you want a wedding dress, easy to carry during the day? Otherwise, are you a bride not compromising from showiness? These questions that you will ask yourself will help you to find the right fabric for your wedding dress.


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