Satin Wedding Dress


Get the most simple and modern look on your wedding day with the new satin wedding dress collection! Satin wedding dresses that decorate your dreams are with you!

Civil Wedding Dress


Wouldn’t you like to discover Alisse nuerA’s new civil wedding dresses collection to find the civil wedding dress model of your dreams and to be a flawless sight bride the day of your civil wedding?

Alisse nuerA Gelinlik Modelleri

Alisse nuerA continues to grow with beautiful and eye-catching wedding dress models. Alisse nuerA, which has become a popular wedding dress brand with its unique designs, aims to be a leader in its sector.

The wedding dress production started in the 80s and continues to grow to the present day. The first store opened in Osmanbey, Alisse nuerA now attaches great dedication to customer service in many parts of Turkey and the world. Alisse nuera stores which have become the favorite brand of all brides with their renewed designs and collections every year, can be reached from many places. If you want to see where our stores are, you can click on “Shops” from the menu above. You can also fill in the appointment form by clicking on the “Appointment” category if you want to come and see any of our wedding dress models. You can subscribe to our Alisse nuerA Youtube channel to watch our fashion shows and their backstages. You can reach our current wedding dress from our Instagram page. You can follow us from Pinterest to see our different models from every angle. If you are looking for a stylish crown, you can buy your favorite crown online from the “Accessories” section on our website. Our site is extremely safe and we guarantee the delivery of the product within 4 days. Keep your privacy and safety first of all, and if you do not like the product you receive. We guarantee your return. Alisse nuerA helps you reach your dream wedding and reach the amazing wedding dress models you dreamed of. You will find the model in your dreams in Alisse nuerA stores.